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AkolagTech Community is looking for tech-savvy Technical Digital/System Engineer Freelancer/Consultant. Please join our community of freelancers/consultants and help enterprise business simplify their IT workloads. We make IT possible for our clients to focus on what they 


  • Free to join
  • If you do not have previous projects but have worked on voluntary projects and have high work ethics and eager to learn new skills you are also welcome to join
  • This is work on project bases and can lead to full time employment job with AkolagTech

Title: Technical Digital/System Engineer – Freelancer/Consultant


  • Branded Swags (T-shirts, stickers, and more)
  • Getting exposure to the tech audience
  • Gain experience with the latest technology such as (cloud, AI, coding and more)
  • Opportunity to work with AkolagTech’s client projects
  • Bring your clients to AkolagTech
  • Earn a significant income as a freelancer/consultant
    • Compensation will be discussed during the interview process
  • Access to AkolagTech marketing resources
  • Access to AkolagTech working space and meeting room
  • Your business card with AkolagTech brand
  • Technical training and sponsorship
  • Access to mentorship program and develop your professional skills
  • Discounts on AkolagTech products and services
  • Opportunity for internship and chances of working full time with Akolagtech is guaranteed


  • Excellent interpersonal skills and relationship demonstrated through the previous project with a track record of success
  • Must have basic technology skills such as (digital media, computer literacy, tech-savvy) or obvious passion/enthusiasm for tech
  • Any of the following technical skills are welcome:
    • Graphic design, photography and editing
    • Web design and support
    • Branding and digital marketing,
    • Technical support,
    • IT Support [Computer Maintenance and Repair (Hardware & Software), Software
    • E-Commerce [Drop-shipping, Online Order, Delivery]
  • Working experience with proof of previous projects
  • Ability to pass a reference check and a background check


  • Working on AkolagTech projects and supporting AkoalgTech clients
  • Bringing other clients to AkolagTech and provide support
  • Looking for tech events or other events for business and startup
  • Attending events on AkolagTech behalf
  • Supporting clients, providing technical support to clients 
  • Technical Digital Consultant/ System Engineer should be able to promote and provide necessary information about AkolagTech’s product and services to prospects


  • The first step is to fill out the application form below
  • The qualified applicants will go through the interview process both over the phone and in person
  • The selected candidate will be onboard and mentor
  • Once selected the applicant will go through references and background checks
  • Take this advantage by filling the form, and we would review your details and contact


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