Partnership program - Up To 25% Discounts

If you run a startup Hub and Co-working space or startup incubator program, you can offer our solutions with exclusive discounts to your members/clients. The discount programs will allow your members to save money on business expenses. Besides, it provides complimentary value to your business and makes you stand out. Best part it's free to join



Our solutions:

Sign up for our discount program

Its free to sign up, once you are registered. We will reach out to you about your special coupon code and other offerings

Promote the discount program to your members/clients

We are available all the time and make sure your discount program is successful. Add the program to the solutions/services you render to your clients as added features.

Grow your business with our discount program

We believe that this will grow your membership subscriptions and increase sales.


  • 1. What is AkolagTech partnership discount program work?

Our partnership discount program allows business such as startup Hub and Co-working space or startup incubator program offer our solutions with exclusive discounts to their members/clients. 

We provide the following solutions:

It is free to sign up, just follow the steps by filling out the form and once you are registered you will receive an email confirmation and one of our staff member will follow up with you

2. Regarding the discount for your services, how will this work for our clients?

The discounts are exclusive to your clients via promotion code specific to your company. The order can be placed online or reaching out to our sales personnel in Lagos for offline sales.
Once your company becomes our partner, the discounts will be available to your clients immediately. We will share the information with you with the coupon code and other information. Likewise, this will be a compliment to your community membership program

3.  It will be great to have the full costs as well as the corresponding packages that can be shared to our community?

Yes we have the full cost price listed on the website and can be downloaded online and it is attached to the email also
The price can be found on our website: