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How to become the best social media marketing expert and get more sales?



Note: This requires persistence and can take some time for someone to get your attention and buy. If you are willing to put in time and effort it will pay off

The best social media to promote your affiliate program
1. Instagram

2. Twitter

3. Facebook

How to succeed on social media (Instagram and others), if you do not have lots of followers and how to promote your affiliate program? follow these steps on Instagram and other social media platforms.

1. From the Instagram or other social media, start the search within your local area, local area hashtag or other search terms.

Example: go to the search window and type “ikoyi, Lagos Nigeria”, or any local city of your choice, this is the best way to start.
Look for companies or people that are selling products/services or promoting items related to a business or hobby.
Like their photos, people like it when you like their photos, and do not only like their photos, make comments.

2. Once you like, make comments, follow them(do not just follow any person, be selective of who you follow), you can keep up with their new posts and updates and make comments about their photos.

This is the best way to stay connected and follow them if their posts capture your interest.

Commenting shows that you are contributing to the post and determine you are interested in the post. Some people like it when someone makes positive comments.

Repeat these steps for multiple people on social media, Instagram is the best to stay connected with stories on photos, events.

3. After you follow them, you can promote your affiliate products/services or wait for some time (usually a few days or few posts)
Example: “I notice that you sell this product..”,  “I like your post/page and I think we can help you boost your awareness or increase your visibility by getting a website starting at 5k Naira including email, hosting and more”
Even with a great logo, biz card design at a reasonable price, and this will compliment your services.
Note: Be careful when you say cheap or low only use it carefully; some people do not like cheap, you can say “at a reasonable price” rather than low or cheap.

4. Repeat the search on step 1 with hashtag like #smelagos, #smeikoyi #ikejasme, #ikeja etc and follow the same steps 1, 2 3

5. Do this at least 2 to 5 hours a day, and guarantee, you will see great results, more followers, and more people would like to know more about you and your business.
Regarding your Akoalgtech’s affiliate program, If a client is asking for more details about a product or service, and you cannot provide the details, please send them to the Akolagtech’s sales team to follow up, and once the client sign up you get your commissions.

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