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How to protect your website from advanced spammers and hackers?

Millions of websites are spammed every day across the globe. Spammers and hackers’ primary focus is exploiting vulnerabilities; all it takes is a few compromised websites and systems.
We all know about unsolicited contacts and spam emails; it’s annoying and time-consuming trying to block each one of them.
Spending time blocking them one by one is ineffective because of the complexity of some of these spammers.

Spammers and hackers can exploit weaknesses in:

  • reCaptcha: There are automated tools out there that can bypass Captcha’s code; reCaptcha might not be that effective in protecting against intruders
  • SSL: This is good for protecting data at the encryption level but does not guard against spammers
  • Security questions: This can be effective for a low-level spammer

How do you go about protecting your websites and systems from these unpredictable spammers?

  • Secure your websites using SSL. AkolagTech provides free SSL with our hosting plan.
  • Use reCaptcha, but weak reCaptcha software can be exploitable. I recommend using Google with the latest no ReCaptcha (Invisible reCAPTCHA)  with a checkbox as shown below.
  • nocaptcha.gif
    • To set up new Google Invisible ReCaptcha, please follow steps on Google reCAPTCHA page here
  • Use a security question, but I believe this can be disappointed by any user who wants to get immediate content without any restrictions.
  • Our favorite is an AI(Artificial intelligent) cloud-based anti-spam blocker, and there is no need for security questions, Captcha or ReCaptcha, or other kinds of spam protection.
  • This is real-time monitoring of your website and blocks intruders before they post corrupt content on your site or email.
  • AkolagTech provides the AI(Artificial intelligent) cloud-based anti-spam blocker’s anti-spam protection for your website such as:
    • Comments
    • Orders
    • Widgets
    • Registrations
    • Bookings
    • Any custom web formContact Emails subscriptions
    • Checks existing comments and users for spam

How do you get started with AkolagTech web hosting, email hosting spam protection using our AI cloud-based spam blocker?

  • Sign up for one of our hosting plan (web or email) to get your website protected click this link from signing up
  • Depositphotos_30677223_s-2015.jpg
  • From the web hosting order form you can select “Yes” from the website anti-spam protection as shown below:
    • Screenshot 2018-03-04 01.25.34.png
  • We will add your domain/website to our spam protection lists for new domain
  • Also for the AkolagTech existing customer, you can submit a support ticket for us to add your existing website to anti-spam list
  • Once you are opt-in for anti-spam protection, we will email you instruction on how to add the spam protection plugins for your WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento and more

SiteLock website security protection

  • Akolagtech partner with SiteLock to offer their website security protection product to our client
  • Start protecting your website from malware now with guarantee support
  • Click here for more information about our SiteLock website protection

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