Web Hosting Reseller for Developers
Hosting for reseller, hosting for developers in Nigeria, Africa and others

Web Hosting Reseller Program for Developers and Businesses in Nigeria, Africa and others

Our reseller program is suitable for Developers in Africa, Nigeria, start-up, SME looking to resell AkolagTech's products/services. Earn high revenue reselling our product and services. A level higher than the affiliate with your own customized share cPanel or dedicated server



Hosting Resellers For Developers in Africa (Nigeria) and more

  • Help developers focus on writing great codes and build great products
  • AkolagTech handles the infrastructure, tech support
  • Get knowledge base, tech advice and more on helping you make excellent application or software
  • Focus on what you are good at which is developing web application, web development, software development and more
  • We will help you scale up as your business grow
  • Work with Engineers that have more than 10 years of experience working on hosting platform
  • Access to your own cPanel backend(WHM)
  • Join other developers from our community for support and knowledge sharing 

Our solutions:

We have 2 types of reseller for web hosting

  • Non branded (Shared AkolagTech VPS)
    • This is shared hosting and offers our partners an option to resell the web hosting to their clients
    • Low investment to start
    • Access to WHM(cPanel Backend)
    • Click here to see the prices
  • Branded, dedicated VPS(your own server)
    • Complete ownership of your reseller program,  your own server, no sharing of resources with Akolagtech or anyone
    • Unlimited hosting, this is based on the amount of resources purchase
    • Your own customized company’s logo

Estimated starting cost for reseller program – hosting

  • Non Branding (with AkolagTech VPS shared server)
    • 20GB SSD, 120GB bandwidth, unlimited domains
    • As little as ₦3,200/month or ₦35,000/year
  • Dedicated hosting, branding
    • Basic package: VPS Basic (1 CPU, 1GB, 25GB SSD)
    • Starting price: ₦75,850/month or ₦244,200/year

Sign up for our reseller program

Our reseller program is customized based on your need and resources. We would need information about what are you looking to reseller. We offer reseller program for our hosting products and and other servicers listed above

Promote your reseller program to your clients

We are available all the time and make sure your reseller program is successful. Our staff is available to train and assist you in the reseller program.

Grow your business with our reseller program

We believe that this will grow your business and increase sales.


  • Commissioned based
  • A level higher than the affiliate
  • Referral based
  • Resell AkolagTech products/services
  • Build your own VPS(Server) for hosting, we can help you build your hosting server at cost
  • Non branded
  • Both non branded and branded
  • Branded(Your own logo, company name)
  • Uniq affiliate URL link that can be placed on the affiliate website
  • Can be built into your products and services
  • For affiliate, a commission is received for products/services (including configurable options) only
    • Affiliate program on the following products/services:
      • Web hosting and related plan such email
      • Cloud storage
      • Cloud server and other cloud services
      • Services such as system supports, managed services automation and more
      • Other services
  • Access to demo 
  • Discounts on AkolagTech products/services
  • Sales and marketing materials and support
  • Technical support 
  • Reseller on following products/services:
    • Web hosting and related plan such email
    • Cloud storage
    • Cloud server and other cloud services
    • Services such as system supports, managed services automation and more
    • Other services
  • Access to demo
  • Discounts on AkolagTech products/services
  • Branded sales and marketing materials and support
  • Technical support 
  • Require no investment, free to join and start earning commissions
  • Web Hosting Plan – Require investment in buying resources such as the server, storage, software, training and support
  • For your branded package
  • Access to cPanel backend(WHM)
  • Reseller can start with the affiliate program
  • Others may not require investment such as AkolagTech’s offer services
  • Requirements:
    • Must register on AKT website for the affiliate program via:
    • Agree to Affiliate/Reseller terms of the agreement
    • There is a minimum amount affiliate have to reach before making a withdrawal either $15 or ₦5,550(this is subjected to changes)
  • Requirements:

Privacy policy:AkolagTech Terms and conditions links below: 

Service terms and conditions:

Affiliate and reseller terms and conditions: